Wandering lights

Wandering lights is a Slavic myth about a soul forcibly expelled from the body, which is forced to wander the earth without the possibility of dissolving in incorporeal space. She is restless, frightened and from that evil and aggressive. She lures with her light the bodies of the living, who, from contact with the other world, lose touch with the real world. And so they disappear: they go into the thicket of the forest, get stuck in the swamps, drown in the rivers.

I was looking for a meeting with such a light. I wondered if he would appear before me and at what moment, what I would feel, whether the light would really be as bright as it seemed to me.

However, no matter how much I wandered in search of a wandering light, I never met him. What could have taken me away from the real world was just a blur of light in the photograph.